Engine: Unreal 4

Language: C++, Blueprint

Time: 4 weeks

Team Size: 14

My role: Gameplay, UI


One of the game's core mechanics was the fading system. The character is a diver who has lost their oxygen tank, therefore unable to breathe. The fading is supposed to visualize that the character is passing out.

The player has some oxygen left in the suit, taking a breath resets the fading. 


The number of breaths left in the suit is indicated by the lights on the suit.


Fading component

To make sure that this ability was easy to utilize for the designers, I made it as a component and made sure that only the vital functions and variables were public.

Since this was the first project I worked with designers I learnt the importance of naming variables and functions correctly, and not exposing every single one since they might not be needed. This communication improvement will make the development of games easier in the future.


For this project, I wanted to use flowcharts to structure my thinking. It also helped me communicate better with the designers by showing them how I interpreted their idea, and they could easily give me feedback and point out where they wanted changes.


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